Goddess Alexandra Snow – Panty Jerking Loser


Aww, if it isn’t my little panty jerking loser. You know, you’re probably the most pathetic little loser that’s ever crossed my threshold. You panty obsession is all that keeps you alive, isn’t it? I mean, you have to know how absolutely ridiculous you look as you jerk furiously. Any video or picture of mine in my panties is enough to send you in a rubbing frenzy. You’re going to have to be careful. Your dick might just fall off from your masturbation addiction. I think I want you to really see how pathetic you are. I think today you’re going to wear these panties you’re obsessed with and jerk and jerk until your little cummies soak those girlie panties of yours. So go on, fetch a pair. I want you to experience just how much of a loser you really are.

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