Roxana Rae – Pathetic Panty Fucker


You finally came to grips with your complete and total failure as a man huh loser? You finally decided that your life long crusade to convince every person in your life that you are someone who you could never be, can do things that would be physically impossible given your predetermined beta genetic disposition, and could ever defy the natural order and social hierarchy that has ordained a specific fate for your pathetic breed of poorly endowed, physically inferior, weak willed wimp at the very bottom of specimens suitable for reproduction, sexual satisfaction and basic survival in the Alpha Dominated, well endowed, sexually desirable definition of  Masculinity. Yes, you want to be a real man but look down loser. You lack almost every essential characteristic of a sexually suitable male specimen.  You can’t argue the fact that you barely have a penis, your balls are better suited to a baby and the tiny dribble of sperm you create is not enough to procreate. That is just your beta fate, you’re not equipped to fuck so all you do is masturbate. Well since you don’t have a penis either, you know you will never deserve to be in pussy, you never will satisfy your wife, so you have to fuck my panties in search of some sort of sex life

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